bulkReadDocuments provides too little data

If you are using HCL’s appdevpack you might probably use the function bulkReadDocuments in your code. If this is the case and you are using this function with the parameter count you should check whether your application really displays all data. The count parameter is optional and is used to define the maximum number of results returned:

count {number}: An optional count of the maximum number of documents to read.
Note: If you don’t specify the optional count, the default value is 100. The “DOCUMENT LIMITS” configuration setting determines the maximum number of documents that can be read, up to 1000.

Source: appdevpack documentation

In one of our rest services, which are using appdevpack, the function bulkReadDocuments is used and a value of 1000 is set using the count parameter - paging is not used, because the expected result set will never exceed the set value. The problem now was that the count parameter is ignored under certain circumstances since appdevpack v1.0.9 at the latest, because with this version the value maximum note count was introduced in the central Proton configuration, whose default value is 200:

Controls the maximum number of documents Proton processes in a query found set. By default, Proton processes a maximum of 200 documents per request. A domino-db application may request more than the limit, but Proton caps the result size to this limit.

Source: appdevpack documentation

If the value of the count parameter of bulkReadDocuments is greater than the maximum note count parameter in the Proton configuration, you will still only get a maximum of 200 results delivered by bulkReadDocuments - there will be no warning in the log and no other hint. As a solution you can either increase the value of maximum note count or you always use paging when using bulkReadDocuments (this is imo the best solution).